Make yourself familiar with the occupational safety and health rules in force at DYNPAP.


Ensuring the safety of persons entering our premises, both our employees and our guests, is one of our enterprise's priorities. Every person present within the premises of DYNPAP is obliged to observe the occupational safety and health rules in such a manner that they do not cause hazards to themselves and others while working here or visiting. Everyone who enters the production plant is obliged to acquaint themselves with our OSH rules and to use the basic personal protective equipment, such as:



An employee has a right and an obligation to undertake immediate preventive actions, including to stop work instantaneously, should they notice activity that poses a hazard to human life and health.

The basic OSH rules that apply to DYNPAP employees while within the plant are:

  • Act as instructed by your superior in respect of safe performance of work.
  • Do not consume alcohol, narcotics or other psychoactive substances within the Plant. In the event of suspected intoxication, or in the case of a positive breathalyzer test, our internal regulations will apply.
  • Stop work if you notice abnormal operation of a machine or device and notify your superior.
  • Use work wear and work footwear assigned to you, and your protective clothing when needed.
  • Be familiar with the operation manuals and OSH manuals for the machinery and devices you operate, and observe safety arrangements when working.
  • Apply caution while moving around the plant and use designated communication routes only.
  • Do not take the casings and security measures off spinning and moving parts of machines.
  • Do not carry out repairs on your own (or replacements of damaged fuses) of electric switchboards, installations or switches.
  • Observe personal hygiene rules while working. First of all, maintain your body clean before you start work, and wash yourself carefully after you finish work.
  • Observe the rules provided in the in-house transport instructions.
  • While working, apply sufficient focus to the particular activities you do. When operating machinery, before you start your machine make sure whether or not this will cause a hazard to other employees.
  • Maintenance, repairs and inspections of machinery and devices powered by electricity can only be carried out by qualified personnel. Such works can only be commenced after the device has been unplugged permanently from its source of electricity.


Before they can start working for DYNPAP, each newly-employed person is obliged absolutely to:

  • undergo medical examinations that will confirm their fitness for the chosen position, before they start work (referrals for medical examinations are issued by the employer)
  • undergo a general OSH training for the rules they need to observe while at DYNPAP
  • undergo an on-the-job training – depending on the nature of the position undertaken.
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